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Painting Epoxy Countertops

  • 1GAL Epoxy Paint$115.00
  • Supply 1$25.00
  • Supply 2$25.00
  • Supply 3$25.00
  • Supply 3$30.00

Now you can do it yourself...with our help! We will walk you through the process, step-by-step, so you can get the marble or quartz countertop look for a fraction of the cost. Our instructors will teach you all of the skills and techniques you need to properly paint your countertops with the highest quality finishes.

What You'll Learn

The best practices for applying epoxy on a leveled surface and proprietary design techniques to make your countertops look unique and feel more durable. Most importantly, we provide you peace of mind so you will have the confidence to create a perfect epoxy countertop from beginning to end. 

Get The Perfect Design 

We will show you several mixing techniques so you can create a design and color combination that you're looking for.

Applying Epoxy Paint 

We will show you how to apply the flood coat, create veins and marble-like effects, and proper use of the heat gun so your countertops come out bubble-free.

Preserve & Protect

We will show you how to remove excess drips with sandpaper and clean up the edges so that your countertops can cure to reach their full hardness.

How It Works

Understand how this training will work for you and your new countertop project.

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DIY Questions
Less than 3 days to complete. However, the countertops should not be used for an additional 48 hours.
Fill out this form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. We will send an email with everything you need to get started.
No. You can paint your countertops entirely on your own. We will be there to assist you every step of the way.
Anecdotally, yes. For our previous customers, epoxy countertops have increased the value of their homes. We are still working on collecting and analyzing that data. However, that’s not always the case, and you should consult with us first if you’re unsure.
There’s not much you need to do besides clear your countertops and clean them with ordinary surface cleaners. However, epoxy should not be applied on all countertops. Get in touch with us and we can help you decide if epoxy countertops are the right fit for you.
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General Questions
Epoxy countertops are considered a solid surface product and are as durable as most stone and solid surface options.
One could place a hot pan directly on the surface for a short period of time and it will have no effect on the surface; however, like with any other countertop, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to heat.
The Epoxy is non-toxic and completely food safe. Food can be cut directly on the surface, however minimal surface scratches may develop with repeated cutting. This surface is easy to re-finish and can be brought back to 100% if any damage occurs.
The clear epoxy finish is made to last many years without losing any of its shine, or yellowing.
The countertops can be used 48 hours after the final coat is applied, however it takes 30 days for the epoxy to fully cure.